Motorsports Fitness Training

Whether you’re a professional motorcycle racer, a track day enthusiast, or you just enjoy a ride round the lanes, being a fitter rider will make you a safer and faster rider.

Motorcycle training programme

Over an 18 month period I have developed a sports specific programme aimed at the needs and requirements of motorcycle racing and riding. Using muscle dynamics and micro movements, it is possible to train the muscles in a way that best reflects the muscle-stress from riding a modern sports or touring bike.

If you ride to the limit on a track, a fitter and stronger physique is sure to lower your overall times. Carrying more lean tissue has been proven to reduce minor strains and reduce recovery times in the event that the worst happens and you come off.

Established workout programme

Most top GP racers train all year round and have established workout programmes that they follow. Many employ trainers to help them meet their fitness goals. While you may not be an aspiring Moto GP contender, a workout programme can help you get the most out of your riding. Whether you’re interested in winning a local race series or simply enjoying your weekend rides more, riding is more fun when you’re in shape.

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